Hospice Africa was founded August 1993. It is a UK registered charity committed to providing, or supporting the provision of, palliative care to cancer and HIV/AIDS patients in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Hospice Africa is based on Merseyside, but has supporters world-wide. It operates principally as a fund-raising organsisation, but also provides advice and support to its partners in Sub-Saharan Africa. Hospice Africa Uganda,
our principal partner, is a model, which demonstrates that palliative care is both affordable and appropriate in resource-poor settings in Africa. We also help support work in Malawi, Cameroon, Nigeria and Ethiopia.


The work of our charity is carried out entirely by a dedicated team of volunteers and nobody receives a salary. Our aim is to ensure that administrative costs are kept to a minimum and to ensure that as much money as possible reaches those who need it in Africa. Raising funds for work which takes place thousands of miles away is certainly a challenge and it is becoming increasingly difficult. We are always happy to talk about our work and have given presentations to a wide variety of groups over the past 20 years. Two of our main sources of funding are our charity shops. We also have a number of faithful supporters who help in a variety of ways, through regular donations & fund raising activities. We also gratefully acknowledge support from corporate donors and other grant giving organisations.


We have raised a total of well over three and a half million pounds at today's values. Previously, this funding has mostly been used to support the work of Hospice Africa Uganda but now we are helping to provide funding for five other projects; three in Malawi, one in Nigeria and one in Cameroon. We have also given one-off grants to other groups working to develop palliative care in sub-Saharan Africa. In particular we are now supporting the out-reach to other African countries through the International Programmes section based with Hospice Africa Uganda at Kampala, Uganda.

We have sent over 350,000 pounds worth of goods and supplies to Uganda in the last ten years.

We have ten trustees who are responsible for ensuring that Hospice Africa is run according to the requirements of the Charity Commission and that the money raised is appropriately used.
  • Ms Clare-Marie Ion,
  • Mr Doug Haynes,(Hon Secretary)
  • Professor Barbara Jack
  • Professor Ken Holden, (Hon Treasurer)
  • Professor Anne Merriman MBE (Founder)
  • Michael Merriman
  • Ms Lesley Phipps MBE
  • Professor David Phipps
  • Dr Ged Faulks
  • Mr Chris Merriman,
  • Mrs Ann Vassie (Chair)
  • Our trustees have a wide range of experience in education, law, finance and related health professions which they are able to use in support of Hospice Africa.