IMAGINE a world where the strongest pain killer is just paracetamol! When Hospice Africa started in Kampala, Uganda, in November 1993 this was the reality. Our Founder, Dr Anne Merriman, discovered eight year old Bashil in a hospital bed in Kampala. He had just had his arm and shoulder amputated in an attempt to treat his cancer. Bashil was in terrible pain but the only pain-killer available was paracetamol! Using oral morphine, which only she was able to provide, Dr Anne was able to control his pain. She discovered that Bashil lived with his Granny and that he wanted to go home with her so just before Christmas 1993 they drove Bashil and and his Granny to their house in a village outside Kampala, where he lived for his last few weeks. The picture shows him at home, free from pain and happy. Bashil was one of the first people in Uganda to receive palliative care.

Since 1993 thousands of sufferers and their families have received help and support. Working with our partners, Hospice Africa has helped to fund the provision of services, the supply of goods and staff, the provision of training for all sorts of staff. Starting in Uganda, Hospice Africa has spread support to Malawi, Cameroon, Nigeria and Ethiopia. Hospice Africa is now 20 years old and looking forward to actively continuing this work.