Ebola outbreak disrupts work with West Africa............

The outbreak of Ebola haemorraghic fever in West Africa is causing major travel disruption between East and West Africa. Kenya Airways have suspended flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone and other airlines have instituted similar bans. The Cameroon Government has closed its southern border with Nigeria. There is now a real difficulty and the International Programmes' team ability to work in West Africa has become very limited. Staff safety is clearly of primary importance. At the moment there are no students from West Africa in Hospice Africa Uganda. More information from WHO

The UK Department for International Development (DFID) has awarded Hospice Africa a grant of 250,000 from the Global Poverty Action Fund over the period June 2014 - May 2017.

This grant, paid for by UK tax-payers, is to work with Hopsice Africa Uganda to expand the clinic in Mbarara, in Western Uganda, as a specialist base for the development of palliative care services, including children's palliative care.

    The intention is the grant will fund:
  • The treatment of 450 children suffering from cancer. Their pain will be controlled by using oral morphine which will have an immediate impact on the quality of life of the children and their families.
  • Teaching 350 for undergraduate doctors and nurses palliative care at Mbarara Medical School, so that when they qualify and work in the Ugandan Health Service they will be able to use oral morphine to control pain in patients.
  • training 40 Community Volunteers in basic care to provide nursing support to isolated patients in their homes, especially in areas where there are no doctors or nurses.
The result is that the grant is expected to have both an immediate and also a longer-lasting effect on the lives of poor cancer patients in Uganda. While this grant is very welcome, it requires Hospice Africa to raise an extra 20% (50,000) for the project in "matched funding" over the three years of the grant.

Can you help us to raise this?


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