International Programmes, led by "Dr Anne" are based at The HAU headquarters in Makindye, Kampala. They provide advice and information to a wide range of African countries and are particualrly involved in training.

In 1993 part of the founding mission of Hospice Africa, (the third objective) was to establish a model of low cost palliative care which could be used throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, excluding South Africa. At that time palliative care existed in only three African countries - KENYA, (Nairobi Hospice) ZIMBABWE (Island Hospice and others ) and UGANDA (Hospice Africa Uganda. By 2000 the model was well established in Uganda and interest from other African countries was growing, so work began on sharing the hospice ethos and transmitting culturally appropriate knowledge and skills. The first international training course, in 2000, was with initiators from Tanzania. This resulted in a breakthrough when the Tanzanian Government agreed to the importation of oral morphine. This was the beginning of the work of International Programmes (IP)

IP recognises that the key step is to identify and train initiators. The Initiators’ programme is run by IP, sometimes in Uganda or, if resources and facilities exist, in each individual country. To date 128 initiators from Anglophone countries and 60 from Francophone countries have attended this 5 week training course. Members of the team from Uganda have visited, and worked alongside those who have received training, whilst learning their hosts’ cultural and economic needs. This assists in setting standards and supports them with advocacy and further training.

IP continues to visit other countries, with a campaign of advocacy for the Hospice Ethos, introducing affordable oral morphine and giving training for new initiatives. Teams from Uganda then visit and work alongside new teams while learning their cultural and economic needs and assisting in setting standards and training on site. Through advocacy to 10 countries, and by follow up visits to the services starting up in these countries, Hospice Africa in UK and France, have financially supported eleven initiatives, eight in Anglophone countries and two in Francophone countries.

We are presently supporting work in a number of countries, including Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Congo Kinshasa, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal (through Hospice Africa France), Malawi, Sudan, Rwanda, Togo and Ethiopia.