Hospice Africa is a UK charity, founded in 1993 by Dr Anne Merriman MBE. Based on Merseyside, it draws supporters from all over the UK and beyond. It is committed to providing, or supporting the provision of, palliative care to cancer and HIV/AIDS patients, principally in sub-Saharan Africa. In the UK Africa (HAUK) is mainly a fund raising organisation. The funds raised are then used to support the work of various partners working in different African countries who carry out the work of providing, encouraging and spreading the ethos of palliative care. It is particularly linked to Hospice Africa Uganda (HAU) but helps support work in other Africa countries.

The three founding principles are:

  • To provide an appropriate palliative care service to patients with cancer
    and/or HIV/AIDS and their families

  • To promote and provide palliative care training for health care professionals
    across sub-Saharan Africa

  • To facilitate the initiation and expansion of palliative care to all in need
    as an affordable African model

The work of our charity in the UK is carried out entirely by a dedicated team of volunteers and nobody receives a salary so that administrative costs are kept to a minimum. Hospice Africa operates in the UK as a fund raising organisation, whilst the work of providing, encouraging and spreading the ethos of palliative care is carried out by our partners.Hospice Africa provides funding, advice and support to its partners in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Hospice Africa Uganda,(HAU), somtimes known just as Hospice Uganda, is our principal partner. Hospice Africa Uganda is a model which demonstrates the effective delivery of affordable and appropriate palliative care in resource-poor settings. It offers day-care and a mobile service, often just at the roadside. Many patients will have walked miles to get to the clinic, or, if they are too ill to walk, relative may attend on their behalf, and speak to the nurse.

Much of the money raised is now used for education. In order to be able to provide a service, nurses and health care workers need training in all aspects of palliative care. Hospice Africa Uganda, trains students, who can return as initiators to their own countries. This also acts as a support network.

The International Programmes Team, based in Kampala and led by The Founderis funded directly by us. It plays a vital role in visiting other countries and working with initiators to get new projects off the ground.

You can read much more about the story of Hospice Africa and Hospice Africa Uganda Audacity to Love is the history of Hospice Africa by the founder, Dr Anne Merriman

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